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Intergalactic Cast and Crew Attend Screening

The Looking Planet Panel

July 10, 2015, cast and crew discuss the making of The Looking Planet. "We had a lot of on-location shoots, which was a bunch of fun. I'd never been to this star system before and it wasn't nearly quite as awful as its reputation suggested," said Narnu Asterlux, getting nervous laughs from the crowd. "I hope to make more films here in the future. I really do." The cast of the film are from the great filmmaking arm of the Andromeda Galaxy known as Chxutklodjc9x, home of some of the most beloved movies ever made by sentient, self-aware beings.

Some Surprises

Earlier on day two of Comic-Con, Lufo Asterlux popped into Hall H to make a surprise announcement that more films about the Cosmoneers are in the works. Despite the misperception he was in costume and not, in fact, a real alien from planet Hermia, the crowd went wild when he confirmed the next movie will have some fancy expensive explosions in it, namely, the Big Bang.

Media on Earth Easily Confused

The cast did express some frustration about questions concerning the film. "Nobody on this planet seems to understand the concept of going back in time and making a period film without the need for VFX," explains Lufo Asterlux. "The assumption here is, if it's in the past or in outer space, or especially the past and outer space, it has to be a big expensive VFX film. Filmmaking in this star system has a long way to go, I think, but I'm glad to be a part of the growing film community here. There's a lot of potential, and I think as more influence comes in from the rest of the universe, it'll only get better."

End of Time

As the cast and crew prepared to depart for other parts of the universe, there was time for some reflection on the future. "I mean if you think about it, it's pretty incredible," says Lufo. "Just a mere half billion years ago there was still nothing but simple bacteria on this little planet. I know a lot of talk out there in the intergalactic media has been about how far behind this planet is, but I think there's another way to look at it. I think the planet has just been a late bloomer. It's different in that regard. And sometimes great things can come from the ones who do things differently. Ulitimately, that's the theme of The Looking Planet and of the feature film now being planned. My hope is that Earthers will get a chance to see it. I think it will resonate with them."

"Someday, everyone will see the big picture."

- Lufo Asterlux talking about film's relationship to our understanding of the universe.



The Looking Planet won BEST ANIMATED FILM at Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival 2015 and continues its festival run primarily in the galactic local group, but could soon become more widely available in the next epoch on X7-b neutrinocast.


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